20130624-215738.jpgAs those of you who’ve been to Istanbul know, the tour touts and souvenir sellers who hang round the big tourist sites in Sultanahmet play a game of guessing your nationality to engage you in conversation. It’s probably not a good thing to be assumed mostly to be German.

So it was a happy day today – “French..?”


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  1. Hi there John and Helen I am loving your bogs and have just now worked out how to leave a comment.. ah technology I will win. Thanks so much for letting us all know how tings go. I have been quite stunned about how the ordinariness of life goes on over there while I see the tumult all over the place. Quite salutary that is. The menu details are also totally delicious – although lamb not so much a fave 😉 Love to you all over there. Stay safe and continue having a great time.

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