In the Toros Mountains

Our little caravan has been wending its way across Turkey.

We’ve  made it up into the wilds of the Toros Mountains in Southern Anatolia and our ultimate goal, the tiny town of Hacikiri.

Station master, Jan & John at Hacikiri

Station master, Jan & John at Hacikiri

It is also the sight of the spectacular 100m Varda Bridge built by the Germans just before the war for the railway – and used in the latest James Bond movie Skyfall (and featured at the top of the page).

Helen takes tea near Varda Bridge

Helen takes tea near Varda Bridge

John and the Varda Bridge

John and the Varda Bridge

IMG_2302The trip has been outstanding, but exhausting. We fall into bed each night, ignoring our blog. However we have many tales to tell and many pics, so stay tuned.



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6 responses to “In the Toros Mountains

  1. Nina

    Take the shot!!

  2. Clean shot, John! Clean shot!

  3. Thanks again for the news – what an amazing country 🙂 ❤ and you do look as if you are enjoying it immensely

  4. Kate Walton

    Fantastic photos! What an amazing trip. Must feel a bit strange (for Jan particularly) to be wandering around the same places Maurice did so long ago. It would be interesting to know if there is much awareness in the town about POW labour being used for the construction of the Railway. Would love to catch up when you’re back to get your thoughts. Kate x

    • jacqueline

      Hello Kate Walton, I was there in 2012 with the train from Ras-al-ain/Nusaybin to Izmir because my grandfather was a POW in WW1 and almost certain worked along the railway and in the tunnels. Maurice was also a POW? Which Regiment? Interesting! I am writing a book about it and I am looking for old pictures of the railway, copy free. It is difficult. I have more pictures about the journey. Hope to hear from you.
      Bye Jacqueline v.d.Berg

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